15 Year-Old Shoots Five at High School, Kills Self, After Girl Rejects Him


Students are Rushed to a Nearby Community Center After Being Evacuated from the School

15 year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who had just returned to Marysville-Pilchuk High School from a suspension for fighting, shot 5 people, killing one, before fatally turning the gun on himself.  Fryberg, a Native American, had been suspended from the football team for fighting after reported “racist” comments.  He had also posted a series of angry Tweets recently, reportedly in connection to a girl who had rejected him.

The freshman went on a shooting spree with a .40 caliber Beretta handgun that allegedly belonged to his father.  Witnesses said he had a “blank stare” during the attacks.  Shocked classmates later said he was “popular” and a “well-respected, great guy.”

Gunman Kills Soldier in Ottawa


An Ottawa Police Officer Outside of Parliament Hill

Canada is in shock after a soldier was shot and killed by a gunman in the capital city of Ottawa, while shots were also fired inside the Parliament.  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian who had recently converted to Islam, fatally shot 24 year-old Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who was standing guard at the War Memorial.

The gunman then ran inside the Parliament and exchanged gunfire with guards before Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers shot him dead.  Additional gunmen attacked a nearby mall, injuring three.  The attacks came on the same day as Prime Minister Stephen Harper was scheduled to give Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai her Canadian citizenship.  It’s still unknown if the attack was linked to the speech in any way.

Monica Lewinsky Speaks Out About Clinton Affair for First Time in 13 Years


The Media has Been Quick to Hail the “Comeback” of Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky received a standing ovation and was showered in praise after she publicly spoke out about her affair with Bill Clinton for the first time in 13 years.  She spoke to a large crowd of millennials at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, calling herself “Patient Zero” of online bullying.

“Sixteen years ago, fresh out of college, I fell in love with my boss,” is how Lewinsky began to describe the infamous affair, which made her one of the most talked about people of the late 90’s.  Fighting back tears, she described how she was humiliated by the media and how the suicide of Rutgers Uniersity freshman Tyler Clementi in 2010 inspired her to speak out.