Stowaway Teen Wanted To Return to Somalia


Abdi’s Father Said He Longed to Return to Somalia

The 16 year-old that stowed away in a wheel well during a Delta Airlines flight “wanted to return to Somalia” according to his father.  Yahya Abdi was in an argument at home, and jumped the fence at San Jose Airport and stowed away in the wheel well of a flight headed to Maui, Hawaii.

When the plane landed, airline staff noticed the boy looking disorientated. He was questioned by the FBI and given a medical screening.  Experts say it was a miracle Abdi survived, because of the lack of oxygen and freezing conditions.  If it hadn’t been so cold, he wouldn’t have been alive at the end of the flight, since the freezing temperature slowed down his body enough to make up for the lack of oxygen.

“Ocean Quack” Mystery Finally Solved


The Sound Comes From One of the Ocean’s Most Beautiful Animals

The mystery of an underwater “quack” sound in the ocean in the Southern Hemisphere has finally been solved.  The sound appears in spring and winter in the Southern Ocean, and since it was first detected 50 years ago, scientists have been baffled as to what was making the noise – nicknamed “bio-duck.”

The answer to the mystery is minke whales.  The quack sound is actually the underwater chatter of the whales, but scientists are still trying to determine when and why the whales make the unique sound.  The solving of the mystery comes not long after another underwater noise was solved.  The famous “bloop” noise was recently confirmed to be the sound of ice cracking underwater.

American Runner Wins Boston Marathon Wearing Victims’ Names


Meb Keflzighi is Given the Champion’s Crown After Winning the Boston Marathon

38 year-old Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon to become the first American man to win the race since 1983.  He wore the names of the three victims of the last year’s bombing on his bib, as well as the name of MIT Officer Sean Collier.  After winning, Keflezighi flipped his sunglasses up as tears streamed down his face.

Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the bombing, attended the marathon with Carlos Arredondo, who became famous after being pictured helping Bauman after the blast.  The two men were strangers at the time, but have since become close friends as the tragedy brought them together.