Fugitive Cop Killer Taunts Police on 16th Day on the Run


Up to 1,000 Police are Manning the Five-Mile Search Area at a Time

Fugitive gunman Eric Frein seemingly taunted police as he was spotted in the woods in the Poconos Mountains, near Canadensis, Pennsylvania.  Frein is wanted for killing a state trooper and critically wounding another, and is now on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.  The expert marksman and survivalist has been able to evade a massive manhunt for 16 days.

31 year-old Frein was spotted in Delaware State Forrest, but police lost track of him after he ran away after being flushed out.  However, police reportedly have an article of his clothing that he left behind.  He is believed to have a .308 rifle with him, making him extremely dangerous.

Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns Under Cloud of Scandals


Attorney General Holder Struggled to Hold Back Tears

An emotional Attorney General Eric Holder announced his shock resignation after almost 6 years of serving in the position.  While Holder might’ve been sad to leave his powerful position, Americans certainly weren’t sad to see him go; his approval rating currently sits at a shocking 15%.

Just a few of the numerous scandals to surround Holder are the Department of Justice’s tapping of the phones and emails of reporters, and Operation Fast and Furious.  He is also the only presidential cabinet member to ever be held in contempt of Congress.  Despite all of this, President Obama gushed at Holder’s political eulogy, saying, “under his watch, the department has brought a record number of prosecutions for human trafficking and for hate crimes.”

US Launches Missiles Against ISIS Over Fears of Attack


The Effects of a Cruise Missile on an ISIS Barracks in Raqqa, Syria

The US has targeted an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in Syria with cruise missiles, killing at least 20 ISIS members.  Khorasan, a small terrorist organization affiliated with both ISIS and Al Qaeda, was reportedly nearing the “execution phase” of a planned terrorist attack using toothpaste tube bombs on planes.

The strikes were unrelated to other air strikes that took place in Syria on the same day.  Those strikes were a joint effort between the US and five Arab nations –  the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Qatar.  14 strategic ISIS targets were attacked by jets, with several of the targets near Raqqa, Syria, an ISIS stronghold where Western hostages are thought to be held.

New Miss America Was Kicked Out of Sorority for Brutal Hazing


Kira Kazantsev is Already the Most Unpopular Miss America in Years

It has emerged that Kira Kazantsev, who was crowned Miss America last week, was kicked out of her sorority only last year after “brutal hazing.”  She allegedly made the lives of new members “a living hell” and was eventually expelled from Alpha Phi sorority at Hofstra University.  Sources have said she would taunt younger girls about any physical flaws and even forced them to do tasks that led to exhaustion and bruising.

Amazingly, the Miss America organization has released a statement saying Kazantsev had been “transparent” about her past, and that she was still an “exceptional ambassador” despite her history of bullying.  She had already been an unpopular winner, after her “talent” in that portion of the competition was to play “Happy” by Pharrell Williams with a cup.