Student With Down’s Symdrome Accepted Into College


18 year-old high school senior Noah VanVooren had a beautiful reaction when learning he had been accepted to Edgewood College.  Noah was named prom king at high school and was also given the opportunity to play in the final football match after serving as the football manager throughout high school.

Hundreds Feared Dead After South Korean Ferry Sinks


The South Korean Coast Guard Tries to Rescue Passengers of the Sinking Ferry

Almost 300 passengers are feared to be dead after their ferry sunk off the coast of South Korea.  The ferry had 462 people on board when it sunk.  7 have been confirmed to have died, while 290 are still missing.  Since they would’ve spent more than a day in the freezing water, authorities are not optimistic about their survival chances.

The ferry left Incheon with mainly high school students on board.  The captain changed the ship’s path to make up for lost time due to heavy fog.  Unfortunately, the new path took the ship into rocky waters, and survivors described hearing a loud bang and then the ship suddenly tilting over.

Google Glass On Sale for 24 Hours – for $1,500!


The New Design of Google Glass is Slightly Bulkier, But Has Improved Voice Command

The highly anticipated Google Glass went on sale for anyone for the first time today.  However, it is an “explorer edition” which costs $1,500.  The glasses will be fully available to consumers later this year, and are expected to be considerably cheaper.  Google is using the 24 hour sale to let customers test and review the “explorer edition” of the Glass.

The device, which has been developed for years, has come under fire for being unfashionable and an invasion of privacy, allowing secret recordings.  However, the possibilities and opportunities for the Glass are practically endless, and the device will no doubt be one of the most popular Christmas gifts when it’s released towards the end of the year.

Boston Globe Wins Pulitzer Prize


Jane Richard, who Lost her Leg in the Boston Bombing Uses a Treadmill During a Physical Therapy Session

The staff of, the Boston Globe, and have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news coverage.  The award was given for their coverage of the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon and the announcement comes a day before the one-year anniversary of the bombing, which killed 3 and injured 264.

Columbia University gives the award, which is considered the most prestigious in journalism.  The Boston Globe has now won 7 Pulitzer Prize awards in the last 12 years, and 23rd in total, while this years’ was their first for breaking news.  The staff held a moment of silence after hearing the news to remember the victims.

Chilean Fire Kils 12, Forces Thousands to Evacuate


The City is Covered in the Glow of the Flames

More than 10,000 people have been forced to evacuate and at least 12 people are dead as a large fire burns through the port city of Valparraiso, Chile.  Hundreds of homes have also been destroyed since the fire began yesterday.  President Michelle Bachelet has declared the city a disaster zone and put the army in charge of evacuation.

Authorities are concerned the fire will reach the center of the city, which would lead to more destruction and a higher loss of life.  Strong coastal winds have helped the fire grown and move, while making it more difficult for firefighters to battle the blaze.

US Government Backs Down in Nevada Ranch Battle


Supporters of Bundy Celebrate After His Cattle are Returned

The heated feud between rancher Cliven Bundy and the US government ended with Bundy being victorious, as the government called off their round-up of about 900 cattle that they claimed were “illegally” grazing on federal land.  Bundy argued his family had owned the land since 1870, and people flocked from throughout the country to protest the government overstepping its powers yet again.

One of Bundy’s sons was arrested along with several other protesters and over 300 of the cattle were seized.  But after the protests only continued to grow, the government returned all of the cattle to Bundy and pulled out of the area.  The argument tapped into anger in the area that the government is trying to push ranchers off of their land, claiming it is “federal land.”