Eric Frein Arrested After 48-Days on the Run


Frein Photographed in the Back of a Police Cruiser After Being Arrested

Eric Frein, one of the FBI’s top 10 most wanted criminals, has been arrested after leading authorities on a massive manhunt and eluding them for 48 days.  Frein ambushed two state troopers on September 12th, killing Corporal Bryon Dickson severely injuring the other trooper.  His SUV was found submerged three days later in a swamp near the scene of the shooting, sparking the huge manhunt.

Fears were so abundant that Halloween was initially canceled in the area.  However, after Frein was arrested in an abandoned hanger in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, trick-r-treating will take place as usual.  Fortunately, Frein was arrested without a fight, despite being armed at the time.

Rob Ford’s Brother Defeated in Toronto Mayor Election


John Tory Celebrates With His Family After Winning the Election

John Tory, a moderate conservative, won Toronto’s mayor election to put an end to the controversial Ford era.  Tory won with 40% compared to 30% for Doug Ford, the brother of former mayor Rob Ford, and 23% for left-leaning Olivia Chow.  Doug Ford had taken the place of his brother, who announced last month he wouldn’t seek re-election after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Ford’s four-year tenure was littered with controversies that made Toronto somewhat of a laughing stock.  Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine after being caught in a video, and was ticketed for public intoxication.  Tory vowed to unite Toronto as he takes control of a city divided by difficult times under Ford.

Turkish Soldiers Tear Gas Citizens “For Their Own Safety”


A Turkish Onlooker Wipes Tear Gas From His Eyes

Turkish soldiers have tear-gassed their own citizens, something the government claimed was done for their own safety.  The incident occurred at a hill that overlooks the Syrian city of Kobane, where intense fighting between Kurdish fighters and ISIS militants has resulted in over 800 deaths.  Onlookers were watching the fighting from the hill when Turkish soldiers fired tear gas at them.

According to a local news agency, the soldiers ordered the onlookers to leave the hill.  Some, including several journalists, complied and moved further away from Kobane, but those who stayed were tear-gassed.  Numerous countries, including the US, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have aided the Kurdish fighters in their assault against ISIS.