Scotland’s Independence Dream Shattered


Excitement Soon Turned to Despair for Independence-Minded Scots

Although it is not yet official, it appears Scottish hopes of independence have been crushed in the long-anticipated referendum.  With 24 of the 32 council areas officially declared, No leads, with 54% to Yes’s 46%.  Clackmannanshire, ironically ranked the most likely to vote Yes, was the first area to declare, and rejected independence.

Yes has only won four council areas – Dundee, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, and West Dunbartonshire.  Yes campaign rallies throughout the United Kingdom have slowly fizzled out as results came in, and the Alex Salmond, who has headed the Yes campaign from the beginning, canceled an appearance in his local court in Aberdeenshire.

“Don’t Knows” Key to Scottish Independence


Alex Salmond Labeled the Referendum “the Opportunity of a Lifetime”

The fate of the United Kingdom hangs in the balance, with tomorrow’s referendum on Scottish independence too close to call.  The largest poll conducted has “No” at 52% and “Yes” at 48%.  But that poll only includes voters who know how they are going to vote.  A reported 4% claim they “Don’t Know” how they are going to vote, and these 170,000 voters will likely be key to Scotland’s future.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown broke his silence by giving what some are calling the “speech of the campaign” in favor of a “No” vote.  95% of the British population are likely to vote, which could make it the largest turn-out for a vote in British history, beating the 1950 general election.

Pope At Risk of Assassination by ISIS


The Vatican has Said the Pope Will Use an Open-Top Car on his Travels

Habeeeb Al Sadr, Iraq’s ambassador to the Vatican, has warned Pope Francis that ISIS has made “credible threats” against him.  The Pope is scheduled to visit Albania, a country with a majority Sunni Muslim population, Sunday, before traveling to Turkey.  The Vatican has insisted the Pope won’t use the bulletproof “Popemobile” and that they are “calm” about the visits.

Al Sadr said there were no “specific facts” or “operational projects” but warned, “just put two and two together, they want to kill the Pope.”  He also warned that the Pope wasn’t just in trouble in Muslim countries but on any of his travels, and even in Rome.  “There are members of ISIS who are not Arabs but also Canadians, Americans, French, British, and Italians.”