Falcao Joins United in Shock Deadline Day Transfer


Falcao Told the Media He Was Excited to Join “the Biggest Club in the World.”

The big story of 2014’s Deadline Day, the day soccer’s summer transfer window slams shut, was Colombian superstar Radamel Falcao joining Manchester United in a shock transfer.  Falcao, who left Ligue 1 club AS Monaco, had been linked with Real Madrid the entire summer.  Only two days ago, the striker appeared to confirm the move when he posted on Twitter about his dream move to Real coming true.

The post was later deleted, with Falcao saying he hadn’t posted it.  This morning, news broke that Manchester United were in the process of signing Falcao on a season-long loan, with an option to buy at the end of the loan.  The transfer dragged out the whole day, with a false rumor that Falcao had failed his medical spreading, before finally being completed two hours after the transfer window had closed, after United were granted an extension.

Philippine Peacekeepers Survive Syrian Rebel Attack After “Greatest Escape”


Philippines’ Military Chief General Gregorio Catapang Celebrates After Hearing of the Escape

40 Filipino peacekeepers were able to survive a grueling seven hour gun battle with Syrian rebels.  The men escaped their outpost in the Golan Heights in the darkness of the night, in what has been hailed as “the greatest of escapes”.  The rebels, linked with al-Qaeda, still have about 45 other Filipino peacekeepers held as captives, however.

The Syrian rebels have begun targeting peacekeepers in the area.  Nusra Front was the insurgency that took the Filipinos captive and attacked their outpost.  When they demanded that the outpost surrender, the peacekeepers refused, and began firing back in self defense.

Firefighters Return to Finish Mowing Widow’s Lawn


A Firefighter Finishes Mowing the Woman’s Lawn

Firefighters in Bayton, Texas tried to help a widow deal with the pain with a touching gesture.  An unnamed man was mowing his lawn in the city when he suffered a heart attach.  Paramedics responded to a 911 call and rushed the man to hospital, where he later passed away.  After taking the man to the hospital, the firefighters came back to the home.

They finished mowing the lawn and then packed the lawn mower in the garage and locked up.  They left the man’s wife a note saying, “We felt bad that your husband didn’t get to finish the yard” and adding that they would help with the yard any time in the future and ending it by saying, “let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.”