116 Feared Dead in Yet ANOTHER Air Disaster


A Map Shows the Location of the Last Known Location of the Air Algerie Flight

116 people are feared dead after an Air Algerie Swiftair MD-83 plane disappeared from radar while flying from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to Algiers, Algeria.  President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, of Mali, has confirmed that plane wreckage has been found in the desert in his country.  The plane made a detour before disappearing due to fears it would fly straight into a storm in northern Mali.

The plane tragically becomes the third air disaster in just a week after Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board, and a plane crash in Taiwan claimed the lives of 48.  The Air Algerie disaster would bring the death toll from air disasters to almost 500 in one of the most horrific weeks in recent times.

Teen Barel Survives Baracuda Attack


The Attack Left Parker Needing Numerous Stitches

13 year-old Parker King is lucky to be alive after a barracuda attacked his arm, leaving him in danger of bleeding out.  Parker and his father, Irwin, were fishing 20 miles off the coast of Port Orange, Florida when they caught a barracuda.  Seconds after hauling it onto the boat, the fish threw itself at Parker and tore into his arm.

Since they had no cell phone reception, Irwin decided he had to rush his son back to shore.  With a towel wrapped around Parker’s arm, the two managed to get back to shore and get medical attention quick enough to save his life.  Irwin told reporters, “the fish won on that one.  He got us, he got Parker.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman Left Fortune to his Partner


A Portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman Taken Only a Month Before His Death

It has been revealed that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman left his entire $35 million fortune to his longtime partner, and the mother of his children, Mimi O’Donnell. New court documents show that Hoffman refused his lawyer’s suggestion to leave money for his children because he didn’t want them to be “trust fund kids”.

Hoffman, an Oscar-winning actor, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in February at the age of 46 from a heroin overdose.  He had struggled with drug addiction when he was younger and after being clean for 23 years, he checked himself into rehab in May of 2013. According to friends, Hoffman didn’t believe in marriage, but he treated O’Donnell as if she were his wife, and they had been together for 15 years.

Dog Rescued From the Brink of Death Up for Adoption


A Very Frail Woody is Comforted by One of the Rescuers

The news is almost too depressing to handle this week, so here’s a feel-good story to try and counter all the negativity.  Woody the poodle was abandoned and left to live under a shed after his owner died and the house they’d lived in was sold.  After somehow surviving for a year, he was on the brink of death and blind in one eye when he was rescued.

His fur was matted and tangled and he could only be fed through an IV.  But animal rescuing group Hope for Paws gave Woody the medical attention and love he needed.  While he is still blind in one eye, he is completely healthy and is now up for adoption.  The group has already had numerous requests and is carefully looking into finding a great home for a dog who deserves one.

Ukrainian Government Tells Putin “Damn You For Centuries!” Over MH17


A Stuffed Monkey From One of the Youngest Victims Lies Among the Wreckage

A Ukrainian government adviser has launched a shocking attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin, releasing a photo of a baby’s body lying in a field, one of the 298 victims of Flight MH17.  He also said, “this baby’s death is on your conscience.  Damn you for centuries!”  President Putin blamed Ukraine’s government for the tragedy, saying if they had been willing to reach a compromise with the separatists in Donetsk, “this tragedy wouldn’t have occurred.”

Fears that both Ukraine and Russia would disgustingly use the horrific tragedy to aid their side in the increasingly violent conflict have sadly been realized.  A full investigation may never happen, with the “government” set up in Donetsk that has declared its self an independent country (and hasn’t been recognized by a single country) has done everything to prevent such an investigation.