Over 60 Pounds of Gold Found in Shipwreck off South Carolina


Nearly 1,000 Ounces of Gold Was Recovered

Treasure hunters were able to recover more than 60 pounds of gold from a 157-year old shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina. A hurricane sunk the SS Central America in 1857, in one of the worst maritime disasters in American history.  About $50 million worth of gold was recovered from the ship in the 1980’s and 90’s, but the latest find is the first in a quarter century.

Odyssey Marine Exploration made the find, and believe there is still about $86 million worth of gold on the shipwreck, since the SS Central America was carrying 7 tons when it sunk.  425 people died when the 280-foot ship sank.  Besides the gold bars the ship was carrying, many of the passengers are believed to have been carrying gold coins on them at the time of the sinking.


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