Brilliant Germany Obliterate Appalling Brazil


A Distraught David Luiz is Consoled by Thiago Silva, Who Was Suspended From the Match

Germany 7-1 Brazil.  The most shocking scoreline in World Cup history.  The result itself wasn’t all that shocking, Brazil hadn’t performed in the tournament, everyone agreed that Germany were the favorites coming in.  But they were supposed to be slight favorites. Instead, Germany put in a masterclass and ran circles around the Brazilians, who just simply gave up.  A late goal by Oscar allowed them a 7-1 scoreline that was probably kind to them, all things considered.

It’s hard to even put into words just how much Germany dominated Brazil.  After 23 minutes, it was 1-0.  6 minutes later, it was 5-0.  Miroslav Klose scored the goal that put him ahead of Ronaldo and standing alone as the top goal scorer in World Cup history, with 16 goals.  Thomas Muller scored his 10th World Cup goal, while Toni Kroos and Andre Schurrle both scored twice, and Sami Khedira complimented his outstanding performance with a goal of his own.  After this match, both Argentina and the Netherlands will be fearing playing Germany in the final.


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