Mysterious Lake Appears in Tunisian Desert


For Locals, the Lake Has Been an Amazing Surprise

Locals were thrilled when Gafsa Lake suddenly appeared in the Tunisian desert, providing a beautiful oasis.  Three weeks later, the water has begun to turn green with algae as scientists warn the water may be contaminated with chemicals.  Locals aren’t exactly waiting for the results of the tests being performed, they continue to swim and enjoy the water,

The exact cause of the lake’s appearance is not confirmed, but it is believed that seismic activity in the area caused groundwater to rise.  In the first few days of the lake’s short life, it was a beautiful turquoise color and as news spread, locals began to flock to swim.  Now it is a greenish color and the Gafsa Office of Public Safety has released a warning that the lake is unfit to swim in, but locals aren’t paying attention.


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