ISIS Threatens to Execute Yazidi Families as US Continues Bombing



Yazidi Families Flee the Sinjar Mountians, Where they are Being Killed by ISIS Forces

The situation in Iraq is being described as an “apocalypse” as ISIS continues its violent rampage through the country.  The Islamic extremist has surrounded a village of about 2,500 Yazidi (a Kurdish-speaking group who practice the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism.) and warned the citizens that if they do not convert to Islam before a given deadline, they will be killed.  That deadline has since passed, and it is unknown if ISIS has slaughtered the entire village, as they threatened to do.   ISIS has killed about 2,000 civilians in Iraq and caused over a million to flee their homes.

The US has continued to bomb ISIS artillery and convoys in an attempt to help Iraq.  Four new air strikes were carried out today, with US Central Command saying several ISIS armored carriers and a truck were destroyed.  These strikes were specifically aimed at helping the Yazidi villages in the area.


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