ISIS Behead American Journalist in Gruesome Video


James Wright Foley Minutes Before he is Brutally Murdered

ISIS have posted a horrific video on social media showing the beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley.  He was working in Syria in late 2012 when he was captured and had been missing since.  In the video, Foley is coerced by his captors to slam the US as his “killers” before he is beheaded.

After the gruesome video, a member of ISIS, masked and robed, speaks in a British accent, informing America that the next victim will be Steven Joel Soltoff, also a journalist.  Soltoff is taken in front of the camera before being taken away. Just yesterday, ISIS told the US “we will drown you in blood” in revenge for the US helping Kurdish fighters retake Mosul Dam.


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