California Rocked by Largest Earthquake in 25 Years


The Earthquake Struck an Area Famous for its Wine

A large 6.0 magnitude earthquake has hit the San Fransisco Bay area, the largest earthquake in California for 25 years.  The quake struck 6 miles southwest of Napa in northern California, right in the heart of the wine country, and occurred at 3:30 AM.  89 injuries were reported, with three described as “serious” while numerous buildings were damaged and thousands left without power.

For decades, scientists have speculated about when “the big one” may strike San Fransisco.  While this quake was the largest in the state in a quarter of a century, it was certainly nowhere near as powerful as what California could soon face.  Experts say there is about a 10% chance that this 6.0 magnitude earthquake was prelude to a much larger and deadlier quake.


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