Father Found Not Guilty For Shooting Dead Drunk Driver Who Killed His Sons


David Barajas Hugs His Wife in Relief After He Escaped a Life Sentence

David Barajas broke down in tears after he was acquitted for shooting and killing a drunk driver who had killed his two sons.  David Jr, 12, and Caleb, 11, were helping to push the family car home after it had run out of gas in December 2012.  Jose Bandas, who had an alcohol level twice the legal limit at the time, struck and killed the two young boys.

According to the prosecution, Barajas became enraged, and returned home to get a gun before fatally shooting Bandas.  However, no witnesses could testify that Barajas was the shooter, and no gunpowder residue was found on his hands.  This lack of evidence, as well as the sympathy the jury felt for Barajas’ loss, were key to the “not guilty” decision.


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