Heroic Father Rescues Daughter From Kidnapper


The Five-Year Old Victim of the Kidnapping is Held by Her Mother

A father woke up to a parent’s worst nightmare – his daughter being kidnapped from her bed.  The father woke up to the sound of stairs creaking in his Sandy, Utah home and the door being unlocked and opened.  He raced outside to find 46 year-old Troy Morley, shirtless, carrying his five year-old daughter across their lawn.

The unnamed man raced after Morley, yelling, “What are you doing?  That’s my daughter, you’re not taking her!”  He was able to safely grab his daughter, while Morley fled, but was later arrested after a police dog bit him on the shoulder.  The kidnapper has two previous drunk driving arrests, and had been through two divorces in four years.


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