Skier Awarded “Line of the Year” Award for Terrifying Vertical Run


The Seemingly Impossible Chute Townsend Skied Down

31 year-old Californian skier Cody Townsend was given the “Line of the Year” award at the 2014 Powder Awards for his incredible run down a vertical crevice.  The remote Tordrillo Mountains in southern Alaska were the setting for Townsend’s daring run.  In the video, he takes a deep breath before launching down the slope, taking only 30 seconds to reach the bottom.

The chute the mountain forms was only 5 to 6 feet at its narrowest, which meant he had very little room for error, or he risked serious injury.  There is no official name for the chute, and Townsend told reporters, “we have some unofficial names for the chute and the zone but they’re pretty vulgar and not really fit to print.”


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