7 Year-Old Girl Survives Plane Crash That Kills Family


Sailor Gutzler’s Bravery Despite Such Tragedy in Truly Inspirational

7 year-old Sailor Gutzler incredibly survived a plane crash that killed her parents, sister, and cousin, leaving her as the sole survivor.  Her family was flying from Key West, Florida to their home in Mount Vernon, Illinois in their private plane when they crashed over Kentucky.  Gutzler dragged herself out of the upside wreckage and attempted to rouse her relatives.

When no one moved, she used a stick and the flames from the wreckage to make a torch.  She then traveled nearly a mile through the thick bush in the dark, with a broken wrist.  Eventually, she reached the front door of Larry Wilkins, who called 911 and helped clean the girl up before the police arrived.


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