Boston Bombing Survivor Collapses in Tears After Finishing Marathon


A Tearful Rebekah Gregory is Led from the Finish Line by her Trainer, a Fellow Amputee who Ran the Race with her.

In an extremely emotional 2015 Boston Marathon, one of the most remarkable stories was that of Rebekah Gregory, who was wounded in the bombing two years ago and thought she had lost her 5 year-old son.  Gregory had to endure 18 surgeries and the loss of part of her leg as a result.  After running and finishing this year’s marathon with a prosthetic leg, Gregory collapsed in tears on the finish line.  Before the race, she had declared, “this is the day I take my life back.”

The race came only two weeks after bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of using weapons of mass destruction, with Gregory testifying in the trial.  She wrote an emotional open letter to Tsarnaev, telling him, “you are a coward, a little boy who wouldn’t even look me in the eyes….. because what you tried to destroy, you only made stronger.”


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