ISIS “Coordinate” Attacks in Four Separate Countries


37 Tourists Were Killed in a Shooting Attack at a Popular Tunisian Beach

Experts believe horrific attacks in Kuwait, Syria, Tunisia, and France were coordinated by ISIS as a part of their months of attacks to mark Ramadan.  37 tourists were killed in the popular tourist destination of Sousse, Tunisia.  The gunmen laughed and joked with people on the beachfront, carefully choosing foreign tourists as his victims, before suddenly pulling out an AK47 from his umbrella and beginning his shooting spree.

120 Syrian civilians were killed by ISIS in Kobane after snipers shot “anything that moved”, with women and children making up the majority of those killed.  ISIS attacked the city from three separate sides.  Other attacks occurred in Kuwait, where a suicide bomber killed 25 and injured 202, and France, where a Muslim delivery driver beheaded his boss.


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