Investigators Have “High Degree of Confidence” That MH370 Mystery Has Been Solved


Investigators Carry the Debris After it Was Found in the Indian Ocean and Brought Ashore on the Island of La Reunion.


Experts have said they have a “high degree of confidence” that debris found in the Indian Ocean belongs to a Boeing 777.  The debris was found off the coast of Madagascar, 3,500 miles from MH370’s last known location on March 8th, 2014, the day it vanished.  For over a year, the disappearance of MH370 has dumbfounded the world.

Since the Boeing 777 was introduced in 1995, five have been lost, but MH370 was the only one over the ocean and in the other four instances, the wreckage was quickly found.  The debris found that experts believe belongs to MH370 was a “flaperon” from the edge of a 777 wing.  If the piece can be confirmed to be from a 777, the next step is to confirm it was from Flight MH370.


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