Finnish Man Travels to Africa on Jetski


Piispa’s Incredible Journey Began With a Simple Question From His Son

When Risto Piispa’s son asked him if it was possible to travel from Finland to Africa on a jetski, he decided to find out, making the incredible 3,000 mile journey.  Piispa left the capital city of Helsinki and made it to Ceuta, a disputed city under Spanish rule but on the north coast of Morocco, 40 days later.  He was followed by a campervan on land, which helped him refuel and rest.

Piispa documented his whole journey and used it as a fundraiser for a children’s hospital in Helsinki.  His incredible trip earned him a Guinness World Record for the longest open ocean journey by jetski.  Piispa was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 28, but made a full recovery.  He said after the diagnosis, “I decided you should always try to fulfill your dreams because one day it might be too late.”


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