Top Ten Republicans Clash in First Prime Time Debate


As Expected, Much of the Attention Was Focused on Frontrunner Donald Trump

The first prime-time Republican debate, featuring the top 10 candidates (according to an average of five polls) got off to a fiery start and the clashes continued throughout.  FOX News anchor Brett Baier asked if any candidate who wasn’t prepared to pledge their full support to whoever the Republican nominee was and swear to not run as a third-party candidate to raise their hand.  Frontrunner Donald Trump’s hand shot in the air, which prompted an attack from Rand Paul, accusing Trump of being used to “buying off politicians.”  Trump responded with, “I’ve given you plenty of money.”

The most intense fight came between Rand Paul and Chris Christie, however.  The two have had a feud simmering for months and it erupted into a fight over the Patriot Act.  Paul said he was “proud to standing for the Bill of Rights”, with Christie slamming Paul for “blowing hot air.”  Paul then retorted, “I know you gave him [President Obama] a big hug, and if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead.”


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