Fiorina Surges to 2nd in Polls After Shining at Debate


How the Three “Outsiders” Have Fared in Recent Polls

Carly Fiorina has leapfrogged Ben Carson into 2nd in the most recent polls on the back of another strong debate performance.  She was almost unanimously viewed as the “winner” of the Republican debates earlier this week, after starring in the “JV” debate last month.  Fiorina has gained 12 points this month, while Donald Trump still leads, but has lost 8 points this month.

Trump has 24%, with Fiorina at 15% and Carson at 14%.  The effects of the debate were obvious, as 31% of those polled labeled Trump a “loser” at the debate, while 52% called Fiorina a “winner”.  Trump said he wasn’t concerned about Fiorina gaining in the polls because, “if you listen to her for more than five minutes, you get a headache.”


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