President Obama Gives Final State of the Union Address


President Obama Primarily Used the Address to Take on his Critics

President Barack Obama gave his 8th and final State of the Union address, and attacked the Republicans running for president numerous times, saying anyone who said America’s economy was in decline was “peddling fiction”.  He went on to say, “The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period.  It’s not even close.”

Overall, the speech took 58 minutes 44 seconds, the second shortest of his speeches.  Among the guests present were presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul, a community college student and the CEO of Microsoft.  It was also Paul Ryan’s first State of the Union address as Speaker of the House.


Republicans Turn on Inept CNBC in Latest Debate


Senator Cruz Drew the Loudest Single Applause of the Night for Attacking CNBC’s Choice of Questions

The third Republican debate, hosted by CNBC, saw media bias become a central idea as the candidates tore into the moderators for their poor job.  Senator Ted Cruz was the first, as he slammed the three moderators for asking questions intended to provoke infighting between the candidates, which drew huge applause from the crowd.

Senator Marco Rubio, seen by many as the winner of the debate, and Governor Chris Christie soon joined in on slamming the network.  Gov. Christie seemed dumbfounded at a questions about fantasy football, saying, “wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, ISIS and al-Qaeda attacking us – and we’re talking about fantasy football?”

Fiorina, Rubio Shine at Republican Debate


Trump and Bush Became Engaged in a Lengthy Exchange

Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio were named as the early winners of the second prime-time Republican debate.  Fiorina was praised for her classy answer when asked about Donald Trump’s controversial statement about how no one would vote for her because “look at her face”.  She didn’t hit back, instead calmly saying that women “very clearly” heard what Trump had said.

Rubio began to shine once the debate shifted to foreign police, as his impressive knowledgeable became evident.  Jeb Bush performed better than at the first debate, with even Trump praising him for his “high energy”.  As expected, Trump became involved in multiple spats with the other candidates, including Fiorina, Rand Paul, and Bush.

Marco Rubio Announces Presidential Campaign


Senator Rubio Declared, “Yesterday is Over, and We Are Never Going Back!”

Floridian Senator Marco Rubio officially announced today that he was running for president in 2016. Senator Rubio became the third major Republican candidate to announce, after Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  He promised to bring a “new American century” in his announcement at the Freedom Tower in Miami.  Known as the “Ellis Island of the south” the venue was symbolic because it was the entry point for many Cubans, including Rubio’s own parents in 1966.

In his announcement, which was approximately 20 minutes long, Rubio said “in many countries, the highest office in the land is reserved for the rich and powerful.  But I live in an exceptional country where even the son of a bartender and a maid can have the same dreams and the same future as those who come from power and privilege.”