Kim Davis’ Icy State of the Union Glare


Kentucky clerk Km Davis refused to applause when President Obama mentioned the legalization of same-sex marriage at the State of the Union address.


Ireland Becomes First Country to Vote in Same-Sex Marriage


Crowds Poured Into the Streets Afterwards to Celebrate

Ireland has become the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage through a public vote.  All 43 of the constituencies except for one voted yes as the country overwhelmingly approved same-sex marriage.  The new laws will go to the Parliament before summer and the first marriages may take place before the end of the year.

The referendum saw the highest voter turnout in two decades, with about 60.52% of the population voting, and 62.1% supporting it overall.  Prime Minister Enda Kenny told a news conference after the vote that, “the answer is yes to their future, yes to their love, yes to equal marriage.”

Chick fil-A Appreciation Day Huge Success


Chick Fil-A Emphasized That They Did Not Create The Day

If fast food chain Chick fil-A was worried that president Dan Carthy’s public denouncement of same-sex marriage would hurt sales, they no longer have that concern.  Chick fil-A Appreciation Day, created by former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee proved to be a massive success.  Across the country, people lined up at Chick fil-A locations, to buy a sandwich, and support the business.

Chick fil-A is a religious business, which closes every Sunday, despite the obvious loss of profit.  Their dislike of same-sex marriage was already known, but when Carthy went public, outrage spread across the country.  However, at the same time, pride swept the nation as well.  Conservatives were overjoyed to see a company express their beliefs.