Fugitive Unhapy With Mug Shot Sends Selfie to Police


Donald “Chip” Pugh was so unhappy with his mug shot he sent police a selfie and asked them to use that instead,




Wildlife photographer Inger Vandyke captured an incredible photo when a curious seal pup came within inches on his camera, making it appear as it the pup was taking a “sealfie”.

“Selfie” Named Word of the Year


Even Sloths Can’t Resist the Occasional Selfie

Oxford Dictionary has named “selfie” as its word of 2013, as the words’ use surged a staggering 17,000% this year.  What began as a social networking term only is now found in all areas of life, with even the Pope and the First Lady joining in on the selfie trend.

Interestingly, “selfie” on an Australian forum when a man who stumbled down the stairs posted pictures of his injury.  He apologized for the photo being blurry, saying he wasn’t drunk, it was just because the photo was a “selfie.”  The runner-up was “twerk” made famous by Miley Cyrus’ raunchy VMA performance.