Kim Davis’ Icy State of the Union Glare


Kentucky clerk Km Davis refused to applause when President Obama mentioned the legalization of same-sex marriage at the State of the Union address.


President Obama Gives Final State of the Union Address


President Obama Primarily Used the Address to Take on his Critics

President Barack Obama gave his 8th and final State of the Union address, and attacked the Republicans running for president numerous times, saying anyone who said America’s economy was in decline was “peddling fiction”.  He went on to say, “The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period.  It’s not even close.”

Overall, the speech took 58 minutes 44 seconds, the second shortest of his speeches.  Among the guests present were presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul, a community college student and the CEO of Microsoft.  It was also Paul Ryan’s first State of the Union address as Speaker of the House.

“I Have No More Elections to Run” Obama Boasts in State of the Union Address



The Address Marked 6 Years to the Day that President Obama Was Sworn In

A triumphant President Obama clearly reveled in the fact that he no longer had to convince people to vote for him in his 6th State of the Union address, his second-to-last.  In a comical moment, he announced, “I have no more elections to run” before boasting, “I know because I won them both!”  As for the actual issues, the President made it clear he would stand firm against the Republican Congress, clearly with one eye on the Democrat’s hopes in 2016.

President Obama threatened four separate times to veto legislation from the Congress.  He also spent a good deal of time talking about growing the middle class.  Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee slammed the President’s “class warfare rhetoric”, saying, “that’s no presidential!”