Sinead O’Connor Receiving Treatment After Posting Suicide Note on Facebook


Sinead O’Connor Has Been Open About Her Mental

Police rushed to Sinead O’Connor’s hotel room after she posted an apparent suicide note on Facebook.  In the post, she wrote, “I have taken an overdose.  There is no other way to get respect.  I’m such a rotten horrible mother and person that I’ve been alone.”  Police have confirmed that she is know receiving treatment.

The troubled singer, best know for her 1990 hit “Nothing Compares 2 U”, has had a long, well-documented struggle with her mental health.  She suffers from bipolar disorder and has been hospitalized multiple times for mental health reasons.  She had spent the last two weeks on suicide watch at a hospital.

Planned Parenthood Shooter Revealed to be Loner


Dear is Captured After a Five-Hour Standoff With Police

The shooter who killed three at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs has been identified as 57 year-old Robert Dear.  He spent the last year living in isolation, hardly ever having any contact with anyone else.  The only social contact he had was when he had his meals at the only cafe in the tiny town of Hartsel.  He reportedly never discussed any political views with anyone else.

Dear killed 44 year-old Garrett Swasey, a six-year veteran police officer and part-time pastor, as well as two other civilians who have yet to be identified.  Planned Parenthood has labeled the attack as an act of “domestic terrorism”.  It is unknown if Swasey was motivated by the videos released over the summer showing aborted fetuses.

Man Jumps White House Fence While First Family Celebrates Thanksgiving


Caputo Said “Alright, Let’s Do This” Before Jumping the Fence, According to Witnesses

A man draped in an American flag jumped the White House fence while President Obama and the first family ate their Thanksgiving meal.  Joseph Caputo, the trespasser, wore shoes decorated with the flag and gloves.  He also had a folder with him, which the Secret Service took.  The contents of the folder are unknown.

Caputo was arrested and is now facing criminal charges.  The Secret Service has come under fire recently for allowing multiple people to jump the fence and land on the lawn.  One man even ran into the White House and all the way through to the East Room before finally being apprehended last year.