Teens Who Stabbed Parents and Sibling to Death to be Charged as Adults


Crystal, Who Survived the Attack, and Michael and Robert, her Murdering Brothers.

18 year-old Robert Bever and his 16 year-old brother Michael will be charged as adults for killing their parents and three of their siblings.  The brothers stabbed their parents April and David to death as well as their siblings Daniel, 12, Christopher, 7, and Victoria, 5.  Their 13 year-old sister Crystal is in serious condition at a local hospital, while 2 year-old sister Autumn was unharmed by the teens.

Robert and Michael were arrested after Crystal survived multiple stab wounds and told police her brothers were behind the gruesome killings.  A coworker of Robert’s said he “didn’t have any friends outside of the family” and that he never said anything against any of his family members, just saying they were a close family because they were in their home in Broken Arrows, Oklahoma “all the time.”

Boat Carrying Two 14 Year-Olds Found Capsized Off Cape Canaveral


Joe Namath at a Press Conference With the Two Boys’ Families

The search for two 14 year-old boys who took an unsupervised fishing trip to the Bahamas and have been missing for three days took a tragic turn when their boat was found capsized.  The boat was found 67 miles off Ponce de Leon inlet.  There was no sign of either boy, with officials saying the search has now been “recalculated.”

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen were last seen on Friday near Jupiter, Florida, after setting out to go fishing.  The families expected the boys to come back in the afternoon, but when they didn’t, it was believed they had set out for the Bahamas.  NFL legend Joe Namath, Cohen’s neighbor, joined the search and offered a $100,000 reward.

Florida Police Officer Sits Down to Eat Lunch With Homeless Man


Sergeant Erica Hay took time out to sit down and eat lunch with a homeless man in Ocala. A witness took photos after being moved by the gesture and posted them on Facebook, where they quickly went viral. Sgt. Hay said, “No one should have to eat alone. He’s got a story, just like everyone else. It just happens to be a sad story.”

Mystery Rhode Island Beach Explosion Solved


Kathleen Denise was Released from Hospital After Being Blasted Into the Air by the Hydrogen Gas Build-Up

After two weeks of investigating, officials say the mysterious blast at a beach in Rhode Island was caused by a hydrogen gas build-up in a corroded copper cable.  The event is extremely rare, with officials deeming the beach to be perfectly safe.

On July 11th, a 60 year-old woman was blasted into the air at Salty Brine Beach, landing on nearby rocks.  Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom, and at first an explosive device was thought to be the culprit, with a suspicious-looking man leaving the scene shortly before the blast.  But scientists were quick to rule out any explosive devices, and now the mystery has been explained.