Train Attack Hero Fighting For His Life After Being Stabbed


Footage Shows the Attackers Jogging to a Car that Pulled Up and then Fleeing the Scene

Spencer Stone, one of the men who heroically stopped a terrorist attack on a French train in August, is fighting for his life after being stabbed last night.  Stone was attacked by two Asian men and stabbed four times in the chest while enjoying a night out with friends in Sacramento, California.  Footage has emerged of the two attackers jogging away and leaving the scene in a car.

Stone was taken to a nearby hospital and was in critical condition, but that has now been changed to stable condition.  He suffered a collapsed lung, but is expected to make a recovery.  Authorities are still searching fro the two men who attacked Stone, but were quick to mention that it wasn’t terrorist-related.

Harry Reid Sues Exercise Company After Losing Sight in Right Eye


Reid on his Return to the Senate on January 20th.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has decided to sue the makers of TheraBand after losing sight in his right eye.  Reid was using a resistance band from the company on New Year’s Day when he was injured after “the TheraBand broke or slipped out of (his) hand, causing him to spin around and strike his head on a cabinet”, according the complaint.

Reid broke bones in his rib cage and around his eye and has said he is not expected to regain sight in his right eye.  It took Reid 20 days to recover enough to return to the Senate, and he had to miss President Obama’s State of the Union address.  He is suing for $50,000.

67 Patients Tested For HIV and Hepatitis After Nurse Reuses Syringes


A Nurse Was Caught Reusing Syringes “Multiple Times”

67 employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical have been tested for HIV and Hepatitis after a nurse was caught reusing syringes.  The employees received the vaccinations in their offices and received notification that they have been exposed to “infected blood”.  They now face an anxious wait of several months before finding out the results of the test.

The New Jersey Health Department of Health sent out the letters to the employees that the syringe had been “reused multiple times”.  The letter did say the risk of contamination was “low” but nonetheless urged the patients to undergo tests immediately.

Al Roker Apologizes for Selfie in Front of Crashed Car


Al Roker Caused Outrage By Posting the Selfie on Twitter

NBC’s Al Roker has apologized after posting a selfie he took with two other members of his team in front of a crashed vehicle.  The driver was able to escape unharmed, but her car is clearly wrecked in the background.  A large chunk of the road had given way.  Roker said “we came to report and I offended those who had lost so much.  I am sorry.”

Roker and his team were on assignment in South Carolina, covering the record-breaking flooding.  Nine people have been killed, with over 20 inches of rain falling on parts of the state yesterday.  In one cemetery, coffins are rising to the surface after the massive rainfall.